Rosie takes the Swinkler for a test drive.

DIY Swing Set + Sprinkler = Swinkler!


Three years ago mother nature decided our swing set was in the wrong spot – the wrong yard, actually – so she moved it for me… right into the vacant lot next door. Apparently she also took issue with the fact that it was upright and in one piece because when she set it back down she made sure it was sideways (and in a million pieces). I should mention: our yard gets a good breeze. Continue reading “DIY Swing Set + Sprinkler = Swinkler!”

DIY Garage Sale Bat-Gator

When the grandparents arrived with an old Peg Perego John Deer Gator, the kids were ecstatic. The gator was over ten years old, found at a garage sale for about thirty dollars. After some searching around the net, I found a site that provides replacement parts for nearly every model of gator ever made (including ours). But when Maherly saw this Batmobile-themed Cozy Coupe on Pinterest, the Bat-Gator idea was born. Continue reading “DIY Garage Sale Bat-Gator”

Finished living room pup tents

DIY Living Room Pup Tents: Part One

Last week (probably via Pinterest) Maherly came across this awesome example of a DIY a-frame pup tent — perfect for impromptu forts or VIP movie nights. The end product looks pretty cool, and while my attempt doesn’t stray too far from the original, there were some gaps in the post’s detail that left me with a few questions. So I decided to take a crack at making a couple and documenting it here. Be sure to check out the original post; none of this would have happened without it!

Continue reading “DIY Living Room Pup Tents: Part One”