Finished living room pup tents

DIY Living Room Pup Tents: Part One

Last week (probably via Pinterest) Maherly came across this awesome example of a DIY a-frame pup tent — perfect for impromptu forts or VIP movie nights. The end product looks pretty cool, and while my attempt doesn’t stray too far from the original, there were some gaps in the post’s detail that left me with a few questions. So I decided to take a crack at making a couple and documenting it here. Be sure to check out the original post; none of this would have happened without it!

This post is Part One: I’ll prep the material and finish the wood. In Part Two I’ll assemble the frame and attach the sheet.

Finished living room pup tents

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  1. Great writeup!

    You might want to fix your links on other pages as they lead to a 404: Page Not Found. :-(
    “” needs the “/2012/04” removed (did some housekeeping, did we?). So people can find the first part of your DIY…

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