DIY Faux Board and Batten Wall Moulding

For Cormick's third birthday, we decided to give him a big-boy bedroom. The Muses of Pinterest shined their light on a baseball theme (and it proved a good excuse for me to try out a faux board and batten wall).

Starting Out

Before the board and batten moulding.With the wall picked out, the only prep work consisted of removing the existing baseboard. The board and batten look doesn't play well with the existing moulding throughout our house, so we opted for a more substantial 6" base.


The First Course

Spacing the battensI chose 1"x3" pine for the 'battens' (there are no boards, just the painted wall). I chose mid-grade stock, but next time I'd pick a higher quality. Even though our house is only a few years old there's still not a square wall in the place -- a better board means less touch-up when all is said and done. 


Board and Batten: First CourseI got the exact measurements for the whole project from the computer (using Adobe Illustrator... old habits...), which was invaluable. I used a jig (and level, obviously) to space the boards as I hung them). A few finishing nails hung them in place while a bead of Liquid Nail dried. 

Second Course

Board and Batten: Second CourseI knew we'd be hanging things on (and in) the wall detail, so I chose a second course tall enough to accommodate, but not so tall as to run the whole treatment more than 2/3 up the height of the wall. 


Board and Batten: Shelf and Trim MouldingI wanted a small shelf to top the second course, so a perpendicular piece of 1"x3" and a corner moulding finished off the look.


Putty & Paint

Board and Batten: PaintedTo finish the wall treatment, finish all the holes with wood putty, let dry, and sand everything smooth. A few coats of flat antique white covered and completed the look. The antique white is less stark -- less bright -- than plain white and helps sell the faux look.