Rosie takes the Swinkler for a test drive.

DIY Swing Set + Sprinkler = Swinkler!


Three years ago mother nature decided our swing set was in the wrong spot – the wrong yard, actually – so she moved it for me… right into the vacant lot next door. Apparently she also took issue with the fact that it was upright and in one piece because when she set it back down she made sure it was sideways (and in a million pieces). I should mention: our yard gets a good breeze. Continue reading “DIY Swing Set + Sprinkler = Swinkler!”

image of a record album

Top 10 Songs of 2013

This started out as an exercise to pick the year’s best music – twenty-five songs, each artist used once – but, while there was a lot of good music this year, I’m looking for the great stuff. A few albums (Arcade Fire, Daft Punk, Kanye) were even a little better than the sum of their parts. But as far as single songs go, this is the playlist that I’m going with, and so my list of 25 gave way to these ten. These are the great songs of 2013.

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White House Calling

There was a strong chance he was being scammed. Better than half, at least. A scam made more sense.

Dad called and said he got through. He made it. Where so many others struggled, he got through. It took him about five hours, but dad successfully purchased health insurance via And he was so happy about the whole thing — about having affordable insurance, finally — he did what any sane person would do.

He emailed the White House. Continue reading “White House Calling”

Everything You Need To Know To Protect Your Corporate Reputation in Social Media You Learned From Your Mother

Warren Buffet famously said “it takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to destroy it.” No where is this more true than in social media, where a company’s long-standing reputation can be undone in a matter of minutes. But reputation management in social media isn’t scary, and it certainly isn’t new. Below are ten examples of companies who got it wrong in social — and it all could have been avoided if they’d only listened to their mother.

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DIY Garage Sale Bat-Gator

When the grandparents arrived with an old Peg Perego John Deer Gator, the kids were ecstatic. The gator was over ten years old, found at a garage sale for about thirty dollars. After some searching around the net, I found a site that provides replacement parts for nearly every model of gator ever made (including ours). But when Maherly saw this Batmobile-themed Cozy Coupe on Pinterest, the Bat-Gator idea was born. Continue reading “DIY Garage Sale Bat-Gator”